tirsdag 31. desember 2013

Top 10 for 2013

Last day of 2013. No snow, plus degrees and lots of wind, a bit unusual to be Norway at this time of the year.  I figured it was time to look back and make a top 10 list for last year. Choosing 10 things is a difficult task. I have tried to find 10 quite different things.

In march I got picked to be on the Design Team for Hobbykunst, the largest craft shop in Norway. The working team at the shop, had just been to the CHA exhibition, and found an altered book from  Janine Koczwara, and they really wanted me to create something similar as decoration for the shop. I do not like to copy other exactly  - so I made my own version. More photos can be found here

One of the tasks I got this year from Hobbykunst was to make a layout. I started making a lot of layouts, when I started scrapping, but that is a long time ago. I was good fun to have another go. More photos and info can be found here.

In March, I entered a competition at Ski treffet. My task was to create something with chocolate. I was just going to decorate a box of chocolate, but it ended up as a working gramophone (although the music is poor quality). The gramophone is now at  Hobbykunst. More info about the gramophone can be found here

In march, I decided to try to get one of my items published in a magazine. This was published in the June issue of Ett trykk. More info can be found here

This owl is a Muji owl, altered and painted. I have glued individual feathers on it, and decorated it. More info and to see the owl before it got decorated is in this blog post. 

The steampunk dress. The dress form is handmade and the dress is sewn from Coffee filters and old lace. More information and link to the dress form template can be found here.

This was a card I made as the first card in the European Scrap Battle, but also my Design Team application for the online magazine StampARTic. I was very pleased to find that I got the DT position. The plane is a pop-up plane - an will pop up when a flap is turned over. Template and more photos of the card can be found here.

I was featured as a Guest Designer in the magazine "Ett trykk" in October. Some of the items has been posted in the blog, and some will be posted next year. One of the items shown was "The Alice in Wonderland altered vase": 

This was a task from Hobbykunst, where I am on the design team. I really enjoy getting task that seems a bit impossible. I was asked to alter an MDF vase. So I turned it upside down, altered it, mounted a clock and mounted lights in it. This lamp was also featured in Ett trykk - where I was a guest designer in October. More about this can be seen here.

I entered the European Scrap battle in Alter and Cards. Lots of time was invested in the competition. This was my semi-final contribution. I did not go further in alter, but had really good competition. All the contributions in alter can be found here.

This was my final contribution in cards in the European Scrap battle. Two cards, mirroring each other. The cards are pop - up cards. I got 2.nd place in cards in this battle. All the contributions in cards can be found here

onsdag 25. desember 2013

The European Scrap Battle - A summary of my alter projects

This year I entered the European Scrap Battle in cards and alter. Earlier I published all my cards in one post. I thought of doing the same in alter. Alter for me has always been about altering something. In the European Scrap Battle alter was a mixture of everything - 3D creations, alterations, Mixed Media and a mixture of styles.

The task  for this challenge was monochromatic. I made a small glitter village and mounted lights in all the houses and in the light pole. There was really good competition in the semi-finals, and I did not go on to the final.

The task for the semi-finals was "Music genre". 
The box is made from scratch of old cardboard. 

For round four I made a Japanese paper lantern. The task was flowers. 
All the flowers are handmade with left over papers. The template is my own. 
The template has been published in the magazine "Ett trykk" and can also be found here

The task was no black or white. This was a difficult task. I got inspired by the 60s and all the colours. I made a pink paper Cadillac. The car has rolling wheels. 

The task was to describe the art form with one word. For me alter is all about invention. 
I made a working windmill made from two computer fans. 
You can find the tutorial video from You-tube in the blog post.

Round 1

Straight to round 2

søndag 22. desember 2013

Christmas glitter houses

Soon Christmas. This year has been filled with lots of crafting, especially through entering the European Scrap Battle. This was my semi-final project.  The task was monochromatic.

I made the stand out of  an old MDF board, and covered it with paper. I have added light in the houses and in the light pole. The light is small LED bulbs, connected together. I have added a switch on the back to turn the light on and of.

The house on the left is a template from Little glitter houses. The house on the right is a house inspired by a typical old English house, and is my own template.

The house with the veranda is my own design. The fence is also my own design, after a fence outside an English castle.

The template for the bay Window house can be found here. The light pole is my own design. The little ice rink is made from blue glitter paper.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

I am entering these challenges

tirsdag 17. desember 2013

A small heart ornament

I have decorated a small heart ornament. These acrylic hearts, are excellent presents and can be bought at Hobbykunst.

The background paper is an old  paper from Pion. The photo, is one I took last summer of a friends daughter.  The heart is also decorated with some old flowers and half pearls. I have distressed the flowers with Gesso.

The text " The best and the most beautiful things must be felt with the heart" had been written on a pc. The heart is several diecut heart glued together to create a 3D effect.

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A few simple Christmas gift tags

17th of December already. Today is a memorial day for Lazarus in the Catholic church.
Also on this date, in 1903, the Wright brothers did the first successful flight, with a plane with a running engine. 

We are still doing the tags of Christmas over at StampARTic - and these are my tags for today

It is getting closer to Christmas. A lot of the Christmas presents are waiting to be wrapped an labelled. So this time, I made a few simple, last minute present tags.

All the motives are from Nicecrane.

I have used 3D foam under all the layers on the tags.

The template for the Poinsettia is free from Bird Cards. The flower and the diecut leaves are distressed with gesso.

The spruce twig is a Silhouette file.

fredag 13. desember 2013

A vintage Christmas box - with template

I have made a small Christmas box, for a small Christmas gift. Papers are from Panduro - last years Christmas papers. 

The inside of the box is also covered with paper from Panduro's Christmas papers.

The stamp is Magnolias kangaroo Tilda, coloured with promarkers. The cones are made with flower diecuts, made with a simple flower punch. The flowers are glued together with a glue gun and distressed with gesso. The snowflakes are covered with  Stampendous embossing powder (Shabby blue). The merry Christmas text, branches and swirls are cutting files from Silhouette.


Templates and Copyright - Please read.

This is my own template. You are free to use my templates, and publish your own craft. However, it would be nice if you link back to me. Please do not sell or publish my templates, as they are or edited! My templates are copyrighted by law.

Dette er min egen mal. Du kan fritt bruke malen til å lage dine egne arbeider. Du kan også fritt publisere ditt eget arbeide. Jeg ville imidlertid satt pris på om du linket tilbake til meg. Du har ikke lov til å publisere eller selge mine maler, som de er eller redigert. Mine maler har copyright under  Åndsverksloven.


Box template

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lørdag 7. desember 2013

The European Scrap Battle in cards

This was the day where the winners of the European Scrap Battle was published.
I came second in cards with these two pop-up cards.

The task for the final was to make to seperate cards, that would mirror each other and mirror me as an artist.  
I made the Sydney Opera house, and a Aussie scene. The water behind the Tilda figures is a mirror.

The left card:
The lantern is a pop-up element, and it is my own design. The Magnolis Tildas are coloured with Prismacolors. Flowers from Prima.

The right card:
The bird cage is a miniature of this pop-up card. The Magnolia Tildas are coloured with Prismacolors.

Some of the other cards in the competition to the final:
Quarter finals - Round 5

fredag 6. desember 2013

A different Christmas tag

I have made a lantern tag as a DT task for StampARTic. The idea is from a really good crafter, Anne - A Norwegian Graphic - 45 designer. You can find the tutorial in her blog.

I have made my own template for the lantern from a photo of a lantern.
 The image is from Nicerane. The diecut of the lantern has been distressed with distress ink before it was mounted. As snow under the two kids, I have used Gesso with glitter.

The round tag with "Not to be opened" is a stamp from North Star Stamps. The paper is an old Christmas collection from Panduro.

I have used an electrical light inside the lantern. 

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tirsdag 3. desember 2013

A Christmas ornament

This is a Christmas ornament, made from an acrylic ball from Hobbykunst. I have also tested the new SnowPen from Rayher. These one are new in Norway. I added white glitter to the snowpaint before it dried. I found the template for the miniature house at Forever decorating

The ornament can be found at Hobbykunst in Vestby.

I am entering these challenges:

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