fredag 31. mars 2017

Handpicked for Hedgy - a summer card

The spring is getting here in Norway. We have cold winters with lots of snow and ice, so the spring is always welcome. Today, I am showing a card, using the sweet stamp Handpicked for Hedgy, for LDRS creative. This is a stamp, that gives me that good spring spring feeling. 

The die set, used for the edge around the stamp, is the Fancy Rectangles and layers die set

The papers are from Prima's collection - Tales of you and me.

 I often decorate my cards inside. The Fancy Rectangles and layers die set is also fantastic for creating space for a personal message inside the card.

Wishing you a fantastic spring.

onsdag 29. mars 2017

Beautiful - a layout with glossy paper

Today, we are showing the glossy specialty paper in the Wildflower collection. This paper is fantastic to spray and mist, and gives you texture and colour effects on the background paper.
The photo is taken from around Uluro, at sunrise.

The "Beautiful" sentiment is from the collectables in the Wildflower collection.

The layout has been created in layers, with stamps, diecuts and paper.

Kaisercraft products used: PS463 Floral Gloss | SS335 Sticker Sheet | PP1016 Paper Pad. CT878 Collectables | DD547 Decorative Die Circle Vines | KM110 Kaisermist Pink | KM 108 Kaisermist Orange | CS153 Texture Hessian Clear Stamp | CS261 Sentiments - Moments Clear stamps. 

mandag 27. mars 2017

Mixed media Easter egg

It it soon Easter, and the Easter egg production has started for a lot of crafters. This is my first mixed meda Easter egg this year, and it's done for The papercrafting.

This Easter egg has been created with left over materials, like flowers, metal, a zip and beads. I have also used Prima's molds and filed them with hot glue. After the glue dried, it was added to the egg and painted.


How to create projects like this?

Start with finding what you would like to alter. You can find a lot of old things at home, at a flea marked or in different shops. This Easter egg was bought a few years ago (for 1NOK/ 10 pence (GBP)/ 0,1 USD)

For projects like this, you can use old flowers in strange colours, old lace, metal pieces, pearls and molded glue pieces. You can also use pieces from old type writers, computers and sewing machines. Here, you can save a lot of money. Use a good glue. I like to use Liquitex heavy gel. Don't save money on glue, get a good kind of glue. Leave the glue to dry overnight, before you paint. 

At the end, spray paint the project. Let this dry, and then dry paint the project. Use a good paint brush. A good result depends on a good paint brush, and very little paint on the paintbrush at the time. Using the right technique is important.


I have also used Prima's Prima - Wild & Free collection - Let's Be Adventurers on the side of the egg.

The text on the side is from Prima's Let's Be Adventurers  paper.

søndag 26. mars 2017

Paper pad storage, with tutorial

After crafting for some time, I have collected quite a lot of small paper pads. These has been stacked in my book case for some time, thinking that I really wanted to organise them in another way. The inspiration for the storage boxes came from a close friend of mine Anne Elisabeth Rostad. I wanted a divider in the middle of the boxes to stop the paper pads from slipping, as I remove some of the paper pads from the box.

The box has been covered with wooden papers from the Pawfect collection and simply decorated.

Creating the storage box

Cut out the pieces as indicated below, from card board. Also cut a rectangular piece 18cm x 11cm to create the the middle seperator.

Glue the pieces together as indicated, using thick gaffa tape.
Add the center piece.

Cover the box with paper and add feet and decorate it as you wish.

Kaisercraft products: P2263 Meow | P2264 Woof

fredag 24. mars 2017

Perfect dog - layout shown at CHA - spring 2017

This is one of my layouts, shown at Kaisercraft's stand at CHA - spring 2017. The layout, is a clean and simple layout, created with the Pawfect collection. 

Layouts from Kaisercraft's stand at CHA - spring 2016. Photo: Luciana Warnowski.


PAPERS: Pawfect Paper Collection - P2263 Meow, P2266 Ruff, P2267 Pawsome.

KC PRODUCTS: SS333 Pawfect Sticker sheet, CT876 Pawfect Collectables dog. 

Other: Brown and latte cotton (Sewn with sewing machine).


Photo 8cm x 10cm ( 3 1/8” x 3 15/16”).

Start with the background paper MEOW (reverse). The wood is going vertically. Sew, with a sewing machine the boarders on the top right side of the page, and about 10cm up from the bottom of the page. 

Cut out the “Best dog” quote from the RUFF paper. Cut a rectangle of 16cm x 11cm from the PAWSOME paper. Add the photo and the “Best dog” quote to the rectangle, using 3D tape. 

Add the balls from the Sticker sheet. Add the banner and the arrows from the PAWFECT collectables. Cut out a few quotes from the PAWSOME paper, and add these to the top, right side of the page.

torsdag 23. mars 2017

Distress ink colouring storage solution

The wildflower collection has so many water colouring effects. I wanted to use the collection to create a storage solution and simple colour palette for my water colour motives, when I travel. 

The folder is hand made, and decorated with papers from the collection.

The binder has been created from altering a larger A4 binder, and reusing the ringbinder inside.

At the inside, I have laminated pages with small pieces with brush strokes of the ink. This makes it easier to see the colours. Since the pages are laminated, they can be used as a distress ink palette while I am painting.

The binder also has plastic pockets, where I can store images while I am traveling. I have used small pockets for this, but altered the size using a fuse tool.

Kaisercraf product : P2269 Vines | P2273 Spring | P2272 Flowering | CT878 Collectables | PP1016 Paper Pad | DD381 Decorative Die Words Hello | DD945 Decorative Die and stamp Love | IT437 Criss Cross.

Other: Gesso, distress ink and platic pockets.

onsdag 22. mars 2017

Easter decoration with Easter eggs in a little nest

Påsken er her snart. Her er pyntet en delbar julekule i god påskestil. 

Her det brukt noe rester av hobbymateriell. Fuglen er resirkulert fra en gammel dekorasjon, men hvite polyresinfugler kan du også finne i nettbutikken.

Det er pyntet med blomster fra Petaloo og Mathinablomster.

Bunnen i egget er laget av en sirkel av et mønsterark, Maja Design: Flirty - Summer Crush.

Eggene er laget av vatt. Eggene her er hvite, men kan males. Det ene egget er malt gult. Deretter jar eggene fått en spray av sort mist for å skape litt farge i eggene.

Denne fuglen er satt fast på et sugerør for å skape litt høyde i dekorasjonen.

Utstyr brukt:

søndag 19. mars 2017

Simple Joys of Life - Layout created for CHA - spring 2017 for Kaisercraft

This spring, I has eight layouts shown at CHA, at Kaisercraft's stand. This layout was created with the Wildflower colletion. The photo is from the sunset at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden (2011). 


PAPERS: Wildflower Collection - P2269 Vines, CD603 Premium Cardstock – Black.

KC PRODUCTS: PP1016 Wildflower Paper Pad, CT978 Wildflower Collectables, IT924 Designer Template - Textures, CS149 Clear Stamps - Texture Chevron, Decorative Dies - DD789 Mandela, DD303 Clock, DD706 Cogs, DD945 Love Quotes, GC103 Glitter Cardstock - Platinum, SB793 Pearls - Black, RS403 Rhinestones - Antique Rose. Glitter tape – PT228 Mint,
PT229 Ice Blue, IP719 Small Ink Pad - Black., EM926 Lace Pack.


Photo: 10cm x 16cm (3 15/16” x 6 5/16”).

Start with the background paper VINES (reverse). Center the work above the center of the page, slightly to the left.  Create the large chevrons using the Designer Template and black ink. Create the smaller chevrons using the Chevron texture stamp. 

Add a light rectangle, from the WILDFLOWER paper pad, behind the photo. The rectangle is adding a light border to the photo. Add a rectangle of black cardstock, behind the photo with the light frame. This will create a black frame outside the white frame. Add rectangles of different sizes behind the photo with the frames. 

Create diecuts from the WILDFLOWER paper pad with the Clock die and the Mandela die. Also make a diecut with the clock die and the black cardstock. Create diecuts of the cogs in the glitter cardstock. Create tags with the pink papers from the WILDFLOWER paper pad and the Love quotes dies. 

Colour the lace with black ink. Layer the lace, paper rectangles and diecuts, using 3D tape to create dimensions. Add the photo with the frames. Cut a banner at the end of two glitter tape strips, MINT and ICE BLUE. Add the glitter tape, at the right side of the image. 

Add the quote “Think Happy, Be happy” from the WILDFLOWER collectables. The edge of the quote has been cut, using patterned scissors. and black cardstock has been added underneath. Add the text from the bottom of the VINES paper (reverced) to the layout. Add Rhinestones and Pearls to the layout.

lørdag 18. mars 2017

Birthday card with a new stamp release from LDRS creative

Today, I am showing you a card with one of LDRS creative's new stamps from their new collections. The stamp is a Candi Bean image, "Happiness in a cupcake". This is a fantastic sweet stamp, perfect for all those birthday cards. The image has been painted with distress ink on water colour paper. The paperpad used here is from Kaisercraft's Time machine collection.

The die set used for this card is the Fancy Rectangels Layers Die set. In Norway you can get this die set at Hobbykunst. These dies has also been used inside the card, to create space to write a message.

I normally decorate on the inside and back on my card, although quite simply.

torsdag 16. mars 2017

A box for cat toys

Kaisercraft has got a really sweet pet collection out this month. Today, I am showing a box for cat toys. 

This s an ordinary cardboard box, covered and decorated with paper.

I have used papers from the cat paper pack, together with collectables and wooden føourish pack.

I have also used a stencil on the background, to create some pattern.

The cat quote and the brown paper fish is from the colletables.

The papers and photos has been added in layers with 3D tape between the layers.

Kaisercraft products: P2259  Cats | P2263 Meow | P2267 Pawsome | p2265 Pour | P2261 Kitty | CT877 Collectables Cat | FL596 Pets Flourish pack | IT003 Woven. 

søndag 12. mars 2017

You never know what you have, until you clean your craft room

Hand made interior pieces are always fun. I have had some fun with some old wooden pieces, and created vintage signs. This is a fun sign, that I created for my craft room, and has shown for The Papercrafting today. 

Signs like this is a nice personal gift, or a little something to add to your own home.  They are always a fun little thing to have on the wall or on a shelf.

Creating the sign: 

  1. Glue together pieces of wood to create the size you want. When the glue has dries, sand the edges of sign. 
  2. Paint the sign (I used black acrylic paint).
  3. Add the text. I used a hand made stencil, created with a silhouette. There are stencils with letters, or text's that you can get in craft shops. You can also paint the sign in the colour you want the letters, add thickers or sticky letters and paint the sign again. When the paint has dried, remove the added letters. 
  4. You may want to work a bit with the letters after you used the stencil, going over some of them, to tidy them up a bit in places.
  5. The edges here, has a glitter pattern. This has been created using one of Tim Holtz stensils (Set 4 - Mini Layered Stencil Set). I have added blank gesso above the stencil. When the gesso was wet, the glitter was added.


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