I give a few classes around in Norway. 
This is a summary of some of the classes I have given over the years. Art is so versatile, so there is always a lot more to learn for everyone. Some of the classes are given as free tutorials on you-tube, and these are added below. Make sure you follow my you-tube channel. There is always something new in the classes I give, and these can not be found online.


Pop - up Christmas cards - and tips and tricks on embellishment and decorating

The Audio of this video is in Norwegian, since the class was given in Norway.

Silhouette classes - introduction to advanced. 

I have given Silhouette classes since 2013. 
I am giving general intro classes and advanced classes, where you learn to design your own advanced silhouette files (with focus on papercraft). I also travel to give these classes. The poster above is for one of my intro classes, given in 2013. The use of Silhouette has grown in Norway over the past few years. At the moment, several new users wish to give Silhouette classes, therefore I will not reveal the content of my newer classes. 

Contact me for more information about the Silhouette classes.

Online classes 

This Moment - Mixed Media tutorial.

How to create a mini album (mini album part 1).

Creating Pop-up effects (mini album part 2).

Carpe Diem - Mixed media tutorial.

Fun times - layout tutorial

Art canvas - Mixed media tutorial

Tutorial of how to use fabric hardener
Creating the mixed media wedding dress - part 1

Decorating the mixed media wedding dress - part 2

Using Deco Foil on a mixed media item. 
Mixed media wedding dress tutorial - part 3


Shadow box

Paper car

Hot air balloon 

Mixed Media Journal page - Butterfly collection

Creating a dress form

Mixed Media journal page

Metal tape (Norwegian)

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