torsdag 20. august 2015

August collections from Kaisercraft

Kaisercraft has got three brilliant collections for August. This post is a summary of all the items I have created with the collections:

These are the collections from Kaisercraft; Holy night, A touch of Gold and Time Machine collection.

Holy night is a Christmas collection with papers in traditional style and colours. This is the collection for all your traditional Christmas cards and crafts.

A Touch of Gold, is a collection made for all those grand happenings in your life. It is super for creating cards and stash for all the parties you could imagine, birthdays, new year and weddings. It has got fantastic colour combinations with white, black, yellow and gold as the main colours.

(with Oreo cake pops recipe)

(Monthly challenge)

The Time Machine collection, is a wonderful collection in green/blue and brown masculine colours. It is full of fantastic quotes and gears, with a lovely worn look. This was one of the collections I got to create something with, for my DT final for Kaisercraft, and I loved working with it.

tirsdag 18. august 2015

Time is a great storyteller - specialty papers from the Time Machine collection

The wonderful Time Machine Collection has some really good speciality papers. I create a layout with both the papers as an inspiration for Kaisercraft

Kaisercraft products: Paper  Time Machine Collection Time PS425 and Hour PS426 | Collectables CT836 | Flowers Zea Breeze F631  | KAISERmist Turquoise KM105, Antique Gold KM102. Other: Gesso. 

mandag 10. august 2015

"Life is pretty amazing" - A layout for Kaisercraft

As I usually say, there are a few kind of basic layout. One kind are the family layouts, where the photos and memories are the important thing. These layouts are kind of personal, you treasure them and you keep in your family album. Then you have more art and mixed media layouts where it is more about playing and testing out techniques. This layout is  one of those where I have played with colours and techniques.

When I am on holiday, my photos are not the traditional holiday photos. I take photos of walls, fences and lamp posts. I take photos of everything around me, that I could potentially use for something. This door, is one I found on my last holiday in England. I just loved the vibrant yellow door against the stones.

Kaisercraft products: Papers: A Touch of gold collection Paper Pad PP976Collectables CT834  Stamps:Diamond clear stamp CS152 A Touch of Gold stamps CS234  |  Licorice Weave cardstock CD102 Rhinestone Orange CS152 Other products: Gesso.

søndag 9. august 2015

Kaisercraft's August challenge - A Wonderful life

Kaisercraft is out with a new monthly challenge. This time, it is a sketch. I create a layout with A Touch of Gold Collection

Kaisercraft materials: Papers: A Touch of Gold Paper Pad PP976 | Coconut Weave CD 101 | Collectables CT834 | Ink pad Safron IP728, Black IP719 | Stamp Cracle CS876 | Stamp set EM423.

Here is the sketch:

Pop over to Kaisercraft's blog and enter the challenge an have the change to win some fantastic prices.

lørdag 8. august 2015

An altered clock with the Time Machine Collection

A long time ago, I found this clock at an second hand marked. I had to get it. First of all, it has all sorts of gears inside and it I thought it was a super thing to alter. I kind of started altering the clock a long time ago, but then it was just placed on a shelf, because I didn't really have the right papers to finish it. Then, seeing the Time Machine papers, I suddenly thought that was it, and I went on to finish it. This is a part of my blog post, made for Kaisercraft this month.

The light post is made with a dies. I mounted led lights inside, and there is s switch at the back of the clock to turn on or of the lights.

The gears are made from stamping on acetate an fussy cutting some of the gears from the collectables. The metal gears are from inside this an other clocks.

The clock was first sprayed with cobber paint. Then I added beads, metal, glue and modeling paste. The clock was left over night to dry. Then I "dry painted" the clock with different colours of acrylic paint (black, blue, brown an cobber). Then I carefully added gold and cobber pastes.

Kaisercraft products: Papers: Time Machine collection Gears P1925, Gadgjet P1924  | Collectables CT836  |  Stamp set CS236  |  Paper blooms: Zea Breaze F631 and Olive G633  | Dies Street lamp DD513 | Other: Acetate cheets, Metal, old beads, black and brown paint, cobber spray paint, diodes, batteries and electrical leads.

fredag 7. august 2015

Christmas cards in August, new release of Christmas papers from Kaisercraft

Hello everyone. It is August, and time for some inspiration with the August collections.
August is a month were lots of things are happening. In Europe, kids are starting a new school year and some youngsters are going of to university. It is also a month where Kaisercraft have started showing their Christmas collections. This is brilliant, this year my goal is be early with creating my Christmas cards. So therefore, I have started some Christmas inspiration for you.

The Holy night collection, is a Christmas collection with traditional colours and lovely papers showing the spirit of Christmas.

I have created a set of Christmas cards with the collection. Two and two of the cards are made similar, but with different colours, and one card is a quilted car, folding the paper with traditional quilting techniques.

These Christmas cards are quite easy to make, and they are created by using the paper as much as possible. You do not really need a lot of extra materials and embellishments. All the flowers are handmade, using punches and left overs from the papers. The leaves are made with a Silhouette machine, an the shape is something I created myself. There are also a lot of leaf dies and punches around, and they are really useful. Here, you can use the ones you have got.

Kaisercraft products: Holy night collection: Frankincense P1908, Baby Jesus P1910, Angels P1911, Emmanuel P1912, Faith P1915 | Paper Pad PP977 | Collectables: CT835Pearls Red S8795. Cardstock Pebble CD197, Coconut Weave CD101 Other: Different flower punches.

torsdag 6. august 2015

Gold, Gold, Gold - You are invited

The Touch of Gold selection is a fantastic selection to create something for a party. I have created a selection of cards, a place card, a hat and a cake pop scene - all ready for a party.

Cake pops scene

The base for the cake pops scene is a block of oasis, for flowers. I covered the oasis with paper and added the golden strip with the paper bow.  The paper bow has been cut out of paper by freehand. You can get dies for this, but it is not needed. The lollipop cards have been create with several rosettes. These rosettes have been made, using a scoring board and paper. No additional dies are needed. The golden edges on the rosettes have been made using a edge punch, before I scored the paper.

Cake pops recipe:
2 packets of Oreo biscuits , 200g Philadelphia cheese.
Crush the Oreo biscuits and add the cheese. Make small round balls out of the mixture and add a strew or a cake pop pin to them. Put them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Melt chocolate (white or milk chocolate) and cover the cake pops with chocolate. It is a good idea to use something like a block of Oasis to leave them in for the chocolate to dry. Keep the cake pops in the fridge until you are going to serve them.

The paper hat has been made out of a 6,5 x 6,5 inch paper. I create a cone by gluing two sides that are 90 degrees to each other together, and cutting of the left over paper at the bottom of the cone. Then I decorated the edge og the cone, added another rosette and made the pompom for the hat out of golden paper strips.  The invitation card is a simple center step card with a "You're invited" stamp in gold.

The thank you card is a clean and simple card. The banners have been sewn on with a sewing machine. I added the little tag from the Collectables and mounted it to the card with 3D tape. The I added the little wood peg with glitter.

Kaisercraft products: A Touch of Gold paper pad PP976  |  Speciality paper Pin Stripe PS421  |  Sticker sheet SS290  |  collectables CT834  | Stamp set CS234  | Cardstock Coconut Weave CD101 and Liqurice C102  |  Other: Golden paper and clothes pegs in different sizes with golden glitter.
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