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Crafting a Cryptex - tutorial with template

A cryptex can be described as box with a combination lock. The box is a cylinder with disks which have to be arranged in the correct order to get the tumblers inside to align. When the tumblers align the cylinder can slide apart and the contents can be revealed.


Templates and Copyright - Please read.

This is my own template. The inspiration for the tutorial is based on a You-tube film, about how to make a cryptex from plastic pipes. You are free to use my templates, and publish your own craft. However, it would be nice if you link back to me. Please do not sell or publish my templates, as they are or edited! My templates are copyrighted by law.

Dette er min egen mal. Inspirasjonen til denne malen er hentet fra en film fra You-tube, om hvordan man lager cryptex fra plast rør. Du kan fritt bruke malen til å lage dine egne arbeider. Du kan også fritt publisere ditt eget arbeide. Jeg ville imidlertid satt pris på om du linket tilbake til meg. Du har ikke lov til å publisere eller selge mine maler, som de er eller redigert. Mine maler har copyright under  Åndsverksloven.


Bilder og malen til selve selve cryptexet finner du under. Du kan gjerne bruke malen så mye du vil - men hvis du skal bruke den i din egen blogg - så ønkser jeg heller at du legger en link tilbake hit - ikke legg ut bildene i egen blogg :)

Use the picture and the templates it if you want to, but please don’t copy the pictures and stemplates to your own blog - link back to this blog instead.

Here is how to craft a Crytex from paper and cardboard:

You will need medium thick card,  thick cardboard, glue, brads, decoration and lots of patience.

Template 1 to 4 - use medium thick card (200-250g)
Template 5 and 6 - use thick cardboard.

Use the scale if you want to fit a small tube of Smarties inside - andy smaller and the tube of Smarties will not fit :)

Assembled disks, part 1 - page 1

Remember to make a inner circle out of card to fit inside the disk (shown in the picture of the disks). It is easier to fit the inner circle in the cut out holes first, and then glue the rest of the template together.

Tube holding the disks, part 2, 3 and 4 - page 2


Assembled disks and tube holding them in place.

Assembled disks and tube holding them in place and inner tube (part 5 and 6 page 3).
The brads should be seen between the disks. When you turn the disk

- it will let the brads slide through the holes in the disks if they are all aligned.
Now you need to craft the end of the tubes to have something to hold on to. Part 7 and 8 - page 4

Cut out all the supports (page 5) in thick cardboard and glue them into place.

Score and cut the dials where the numbers are going to be places (page 6) in thick cardboard. Glue them to the top of each disk, top of part 4 and over each tube end - it is important to cover the brads. Remember to mark where the disks open!

Your cryptex can now be decorated

 I made these:

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