fredag 21. februar 2014

A challenge with Washi tape

We have some inspiration for you over at StampARTic. I find Washitape very decorative, but hard to use on projects. They therefore tend to decorate my shelf only. I also challenged myself to only use old papers and left overs I had in my craft room. This is always a challenge, since there is always new papers and embellishments to get hold of, without using up all my old stuff.

I wanted to decorate a surprise box for a scrapbooking friend. The box is filled with crafting and scrapbooking stuff. I wanted to make the box kind of funny. The bird is a joke between scrapping friends, due to the amount of failed paper projects, which is just being burned in the woodstove. The joke is that these projects then gives much needed heat for the birds outside during the cold winter.


I hardly use washi tape - and wanted to try to craft some flowers and decoration with the tape. The box is a handmade 10cm x10cm x 10cm box. The bird is made of a polystyrene egg. The paper feathers are made as individual feathers with a flower punch, dividing the petals. I added the hat on the bird for some humour. The white "fluff" on the hat is made from Washi tape. The bow is made out of Washi tape.

The flowers and banners under the flowers are also made from Washi tape. There is a glass bead in between the flowers.


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