mandag 6. april 2015

A Flower tutorial

Today, I have created a flower tutorial for StampARTic. I am working on a larger Prima based project at the moment, and I have a lot of left over papers. I decided to go all the way on this project, and create everything for the project from scratch.  This is how I made some of the flowers:

Here is a few hand made flowers in different sizes. The paper is from Prima's "Bella Rouge" collection.

To create these flowers, I have used Tim Holtz "Movers and shapers" and a set of Nellie Snellen's punch and embossing flowers.

Simple roses

Small roses can be made with different flower punches and diecuts. You may use one kind of diecut flower, or you may use different sizes of diecut flowers. If you choose to use different sizes, you use the smallest flowers in the centre and the largest ones at the outer edge.

Start with a flower diecut.

Flower bud: The middle of the flower had to be glued the opposite way to the other diecuts for the flower. Leave the side of the paper that you want to show down, and glue the middle of the flower together on the part of the paper that you don't want to show. Find to petals that are opposite to each other, and glue them together with a glue gun.

You have now created a small flower bud. If you would like to keep it as a bud, you may stop here. Use a small green star die cut under the flower bud.

If you would like to make a rose, glue a new flower diecut under the bud, with a glue gun.

Go on to glue the die cuts of flowers under the flower, until you have the flower density that you want. Make sure the petals in the different layers overlap. Bend the petals into shape.

Finished roses. These are made with a flower bud and two flower die cuts.

Rose with different sizes flower die cut.

Use the small flower created above. Glue the flower into the middle of two layers of a larger flower die cut. make sure the petals overlap each other. Use a glue gun.

Fold the petals, using a knitting needle.

Flower with Bead Berries

You can get "Bead Berries" from the shop. These can be used in the middle of flowers. Use a diecut from a small flower. Make a hole in the middle of the flower and pull the strings through - from the top of the flower.

You have a flower stem, flower, and beads in the middle of the flower. Glue the stem in place under the flower with a glue gun.

Make a hole in the other flowers and put the stem trough the holes.

Glue the stem behind the flower, use a small paper circle or flower diecut, and glue it under your flower.

Fold the petals, using a knitting needle.

Wishing you a happy spring

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