tirsdag 1. september 2015

Craft Wall Storage - IKEA hacks (with a list of what you need to create it)

 During the summer holiday, I got my first Kaisercraft parcel, as a part of the Design Team. Kaisercraft really spoil us with collections and stash. I wanted to keep my Kaisercraft things separate from my other craft stuff to make it easier to work with the DT tasks. For a few months now, I have stored the stash in card board boxes until I found a good storage solution. I wanted something mounted on the wall, where I can see all the products. I thought about getting some interior from a shop, but didn't find any suitable.

So I decided to wonder around IKEA, to see what I could find.This is what I came up with. 

IKEA - ALGOT shelves (60x58 and 60x38) (mounted directly onto the wall). These shelves are magnetic. The screws used are from Clas Ohlson and are for their tool board (but the tool board have the same size holes as these shelves) I have also used the hooks for these tool boards (although the spacing of the holes are different than the tool board, therefore I only used one screw to fix the hooks) 

I have also added BYGEL Rail from IKEA. The screw holes on the rails fits exactly into the holes on the shelves, with the same spacing between the holes. 

I have also added BYGEL wire basket and S hooks, I also got a set of RIKTIG curtain hooks from IKEA with clips and hooks for tool storage. These curtain hooks will slot onto the rail, if you bend/open the hook slightly at the top.

Kaisercraft dies come with magnetic boards. These boards can go straight onto the shelves, as they are magnetic. This is an easy way of storing the dies. . 

The flowers are sorted and hung from S hooks from the BYGEL Rail.

You will need:

IKEA - ALGOT shelves (I used 60x58 and 60x38) 

Hope you liked this :)  

4 kommentarer:

  1. WAUW hvor ser det godt ud Kirsten, rigtig flot og super overblik over det hele her. Det kunne man vist nemt overføre til andre ting også, så lidt at tænke over her.Tusind tak for kikket.

  2. Da vet æ kor æ får tak i Kura.. Bare dem får bygd ferdig den IKEAn i Tromsø ;)

  3. Wow, amazing and lovely organization!

  4. Flott organisert, takk for at du deler!


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