lørdag 20. februar 2016

Paper shoes with template

Yesterday, I wrote an inspiration article for Hobbykunst with the new papers   "I dine sko" and "Tro på deg selv" from Papirdesign. The papers has pattern with shoes, and this gave the inspiration to create some paper shoes. 

The box had been decorated lightly with mixed media. It has been decorated with spraysm stain, flowers and stickers, as well as the paper shoes.

The shoes for the place cards has been created with the same template as the shoes on the box. They are made slightly larger than the shoes on the box. I have used black string as shoe laces. 

I have used a large black paper clip to create the holder for the name card. The paper clip has been fixed to a cotton ball, stuck in the shoe. 

The paper at the base of the shoe has been embossed with an embossing folder, to create some pattern on the shoe sole.

Here is the template for the shoe. Enlarge it to the size you would like.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Tusen takk for flott mal,Kirsten


  2. Tusen takk for malen, gleder meg til å prøve den.
    Klem Anita

  3. Stilig! Takk fot at du deler mal ��

  4. This is the best paper shoe I've ever seen, very nice design.

  5. i love this! this is so adorable. thank you for sharing.

  6. Fantastisk flotte ting du lager :0)

  7. Fantastisk flotte ting du lager :0)

  8. Så fantastiske ting du får til å lage av papir, helt imponert.


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