torsdag 2. juni 2016

Birthday shaker card with Olaf and Sven.

A lot of kids really appreciate hand made cards. The cards can be quite simple.

Hobbykunst has got the the fantastic new papers with Minions and Frozen figures. Here, I have created a simple shaker card for a boy with Olaf and Sven.

Arket er tatt fra Disney's Frozen blogg.

This paper is one of two paper sheets chosen from the Frozen paper pad.  You can find what I created with the girl paper pad in this blogpost.

A lot of boys do like the Frozen film, and would really like a card with some of the figures from the film. Although they would often like the card in a more masculine cersion, without any princesses. Olaf and Svein are super as figures on a card for a boy.

It is very popular to create shaker cards, but often crafters don't want to make complicated cards for a kids birthday. This shaker card is simple to make. 

Creating the shaker card

Here, the cellophane bag and the patterned paper, has decided the size of the card. The piece of paper has been added inside the card. Then, the snowflakes and beads has been added to the bag. The bag has been locked in the top, and a piece of bazzill has been added to the top. The bazzill has been scored and folded after 2cm, and folded to create the back of the card.

Decorating all the sides of the card?

It is not always you want to decorate all pages of the card. However, I think it is nice when all the pages are decorated, and the card seems more "finished". 

This paper has a cute back side. This paper shows inside the cellophane envelope. The rest of the inside of the card has been decorated with left overs from the paper. I have also used a diecut, created with a die from Papirdesign. Olaf, inside the circle, has been cut out of white felt.. I have used googly eyes. Arm, mouth and eyebrows has been created with Cotton thread.

There was not enough paper for a complete panel on the back. Therefore, I have used two pieces with a paper band, created from the paper, in between. 

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  1. Indeed a pretty Birthday shaker card! Thank you very much for sharing all pictures here. I am going to attend a birthday bash at local event venues. It’s a frozen themed party and planning to make a frozen card. Thanks for the inspiration!


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