torsdag 23. februar 2017

Easter ornament with a hot air balloon

Acrylic ornaments are not just for Christmas. This has been created, using one of Hobbykunsts ornaments. Here, it has been decorated with easter colours. 

The tiny easter eggs are old, but Hobbykunst has got several easter eggs in the shop for decorations like this. 

Flowers are from Mathia and Petaloo.

The ornament can be devided into two halves, with a large opening in the front.

The hot air ballon has been built after this template. You can find the tutorial on how to build the hot air ballon in the video below. 

Materials used:

 Delbare kuler m/åpning, str 12 cm  Authentique: Felicity Two - Felicity  Maja Design: Flirty - Summer Crush  Maja Design: Long summer nights - Summer Crush 
 Mathia: Roser m/stilk, 15mm - Hvit  
Petaloo: Yellow - Darjeeling Garden Mini Rosette 
Liquitex: Super Heavy Matte
Liquitex: Super Heavy Matte Scor-Pal: Scor-Tape 1/4 inch

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