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Fotball party - invitation, place card and pop-up card

It is soon confirmation time in Norway. I have had a lot of questions about ideas for invitations and place cards. Here , I have created a set of invitation, place cards and a pop-up card with a fotball theme. 

The papers are from Papirdesign's new collection with a fotball theme. I have also used the stamps  "Velkommen til konfirmasjon" from Papirdesign.


The invitations are quite simple, as you often would make a lot of these cards.  

The card has been made in black bazzill, with panels on all sides of the card. In the front side, it has been stamped with "Invitation" on white cardstock. I have also mounted a wooden fotball on the white panel. The green paper behind the white carstock, is the reverse side of the fotball paper. 

At the inside of the card, I have used panels with fotball paper, and a white panel to write a personal message.

The back side, has been decorated with a panel and a "made by" stamp. 

Place card

Hand made place cards are always nice. Very often, you would like nice place cards for a big party. However, they would also need to be quite simple, since you often have to make a lot of them. 

Here, I have created a step card with grass colour and fotballs. 

Here, you can see the step card with the support underneath. 



Cut and score the card according to the template. Fold along the scored lines. Glue under the tag at the bottom right side of the photo. 

Glue the tag under and behind the first step of the card. 

Glue the steps to the bottom part of the card. This makes the card stand on it's own. Decorate with panels. The fotball has been glued on a piece of acetate. The acetate has been glued to the card. This makes it look as the fotball is in the air. I have also added a sign with a name on it. 

A pop - up congratulation card

The congratulation card, looks like a simple card, although it has a suprise inside. 

The card has a belt around it, that will hold it flat. Here, I have used motives from Papirdesign's new collection "vinnere".

At the inside, I have decorated with panels and a pop-up ball. 

How to create pop-up balls like this:

This way to create pop-up balls, is well known from the pop-up book world and advertising world. Sissix has also got a die, for creating pop-up balls like this. 

The ball has a rubber band inside. This is what makes the ball pop - up, when you open the card. 

The ball has been decorated with panels, and has been decorated. 

The ball can fold out, as you close the card, and will pop open as you open the card. The belt around the card will keep it closed, and will keep the ball flat. 

The back of the card is simply decorated with panels and a "created by" stamp. 

Materials used: 

Papirdesign: Fotball er livet Papirdesign: Mååål Papirdesign: Vinnere 
Papirdesign: Velkommen til konfirmasjon
Wooden objects - Soccer Kaisercraft: Ebony - Alphabet StickersEpoxy dots - NeutralUHU Flinke Flasche - Universal lim, 90 g 
Bazzill: Smoothie - Blackberry SwirlBazzill: Smoothie - Coconut Swirl

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