fredag 2. februar 2018

Animated cards - How do they work?

Animated cards have been out for a few years. These cards are called Analog Lenticular Card Animation. Last year, I could see the first sets of stamps-acetate-dies for sale, to create these cards. I don't have any og these, but I really wanted to figure out how they work. The cards are based on a grid and a motive based on the grid. 

These cards has been created with papers from Maja's new Celebration collection:  Good times og Jubilee. All the three cards are made with the same grid system. The grid is moving, and the butterflies and hears are mounted inside the cards. The grid on the butterfly card is moving vertically (up and down) with the stripes going horizontally (side to side). The grid on the heart cards are moving horizontally  and the stripes are going vertically. The grid and the motives are shown below. I created the grid with a Silhouette, and drew the hearts and butterflies based on the grid. The middle black of the hearts and butterflies will show all the time. The outer edges of the motives will only show when the black grid isn't covering the black lines of the motives.

It's difficult to show the cards, only using photos, so I created a short film to show the cards. 

Butterfly tag

This tag has been created as a hollow card. The grid is moving as a tag inside the card. The paper is  Maja design's Jubilee. The text has been created with the dies "De beste gratulasjoner" from Papirdesign.

When you pull the black grid tag, the butterflies look like they are flying.

The back of the card has got  space for writing a message. The dies used here is an LDRS creative dies: "Fancy Rectangles & Layers Die Set"

Heart tag:

This tag has been created with the papers "Good times" from Maja design.  This card has been created as a hollow card. The black grid is moving from side to sid, as you move the slot at the bottom of the card. 

A you move the grid, the animation shows up.

The back of the card has got space to write a messege. This has been created using dies from LDRS creative: Dotty Doily Die Set and Fancy Circles Dies.

Heart card:

This card has been created with the papers "Good times" from Maja design.  When you open the card, the animation of the hearts will show. 

The text inside the card,"De beste gratulasjoner" has been created with a die from Papirdesign. The dragonflies has been created with a die from LDRS - Allifair Build-A-Card dies.

The card has been created, by gluing several parts of the card together. There is a front and a grid that belongs together. Then there is the back of the card. The grid has been placed about a cm away from the insideof the card. This makes the gridd move, when you open the card - and the animation will show. 

Materials used:

Maja Design: Good times - Celebration Maja Design: Jubilee - CelebrationBazzill: Smoothie - Classic White Bazzill: Smoothie - Hot Fudge 

Papirdesign: De beste gratulasjoner 2 diesLDRS: Fancy Rectangles & Layers Die Set, 5/Pkg 
LDRS: Dotty Doily Die Set, 7/Pkg LDRS: Fancy Circles Dies, 6/Pkg 
LDRS: Allifair Build-A-Card dies, 9/PkgUHU Flinke Flasche - Universal lim, 90 g

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