torsdag 23. august 2018

At the bottom of the sea

Some time ago, I got a small suitcase to work with for Hobbykunst. There are two suitcases in the set, and I used the largest one for this project. My task was to create something in 3D inside the suitcase, and I also wanted to do something in Mixed media.

The result was a suitcase from "the bottom of the sea".

Inside the suitcase, I added a small octopus. 

The octopus has been created with air drying clay. Inside the head, I used a small acrylic ornamentGlass eyes can be bought from Hobbykunst. The octopus was painted in blue, lilac, green and yellow. 

The hair on the octopus had been created with thin thread. The motive in the lid of the suitcase and the turtes arefrom Graphic 45's collection - Sun Kissed.

The suitcase has been decorated with lace, wooden figures, beads, buttons and jewelery, before it has been painted brown. 

Then the suitcase has been dry painted for effect with rust paint and mose paint

Then I added shells. Some of them I have found on the beach, and some was from the set Maritim decor. I also added a small bottle with a piece of paper as a bottle post. 

Enjoy :) 

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