onsdag 12. september 2018

Creative with Mathia flowers

Have you tested the Mathia flowers from Hobbykunst? The flowers are so sweet, and you get a lot of flowers for your money. A packet of flowers will only cost you 20 Nkr. They are fantastic on projects where you would like to use flowers, but not spend a lot of money. 

These kind of flying cups has been shown around the Internet for some time. The cup and saucer was bought at a second hand store. 

The gears has been created with dies from a golden piece of card stock. Two gears has been glued together to make it golden at both sides of the gear. 

Spoiler - This is how you create the flying cup:

You will need a cup, saucer, a fork and some metal bits. Use a glue gun or good and strong glue, and glue the end of the handle of the fork to the inside of the mug, and the finger part of the fork to the saucer. Add and glue some metal bits to the side of the saucer, so it won't tip over. When the glue is dry and the project is stable, you may add flowers or other bits to cover the spoon and the metal bits on the saucer. 

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