torsdag 12. mars 2020

Beware - back to the 60's with Prima

So, It's winter here in Norway. I miss my flip flops and the trips along the seaside in the summer time. Therefore, I am posting a project with a summer feeling today.

Hobbykunst has got some new building sets with fantastic vintage busss from Rayher. I have had this buss on the shelf for a few months, just waiting for the right collection, and voila - Prima gives out the Surf Board collection.  

The buss was first painted with gesso and Chalk paint.

The roof rack and bumper has been painted with silver paint - Extreeme Sheen.

I covered parts of the buss with Prima's new Surf Board collection.

The buss itself, has been built with a building set in wood from Rayher.

There are lots of pieces with seats, wheels and decorations. 

The huge tip here is to half build the buss, paint it and decorate it inside, before you completely glue the buss together. 

Decorating the buss

Here, I got inspired by some of the papers in the collection. I found images of a bath ring with a Flamingo, so I figures out that I had to try to make that. To create something circular out of paper can be difficult if you want to create it without to much try and fail. Some math knowledge is good. On more easier 3D constructions, math is not so important. Here I have also used some of Prima's leaf dies to create the wings.

The lights are some glass squares with glitter, bought on a sale at Hobbykunst some years ago. 

Inside the buss, I have created some 3D pillows out of paper. 

I created curtains in the windows, and placed a few paper suitcases and bags inside the  trunk 

Wishing you a happy spring.

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  1. Du e bærre heilt rå på dette!!! Amazing! Blir like imponert hver eneste gang!


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