tirsdag 7. januar 2014

Mad Hatter's birthday crown - a different birthday card

I was Guest Designer for the Norwegian magazine "Ett trykk" in October, and I still have a few items left to publish in my blog.

This was a birthday crown made for a friend, instead of a card. This friend is also a scrapper and has often taken the initiative to make crowns for others for fun for their birthdays - so I decided that she needed a crown for herself. She is very found of G45 - so this brand of papers had to be included in this project.

The inspiration for the shape of the crown came from a metal crown. The crown has been made from card stock and decorated with cut outs from Halloween in Wonderland from G45. The Queen of Hearts is a digital stamp from Sassy studio designs. The "card man" is made from a small playing card, with a polystyrene ball as a head. The hat and feet/stand is made out of paper.

The text "We're all quite mad here! You'll fit right in" is a well known quote from the Alice in Wonderland story.

On the top of the crown, I have used an old chess piece. I have coverd the top with flowers and diecuts.

The crown from the back.

4 kommentarer:

  1. WAUW hold da op hvor er den flot. Hun må da være blevet ellevild, da hun fik den her, det er jo totalt genialt lavet. Super fedt projekt Kirsten, som nok kun du kunne få ha ha ha.

  2. What a stunning creative and unique creation.Love the chess piece use

  3. helt fantastisk kreasjon denne kronen! jeg elsker alice i eventyrland og falt helt pladask når jeg så den i ett trykk :) kjempelyst å prøve å lage en selv, men vet jeg ikke på langt nær får til noe så fint ♥


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