torsdag 1. mai 2014

A card in a box with tutorial

 These cards were popular at the beginning of the year, an found their way into many craft rooms during the spring. I made this card, with tutorial in January, and sent it to be published in the magazine "Ett trykk". This was published in the April issue.

I made it as a baby basket. I have used lots of different dies. 

This shows the support inside the box, where you fix all the elements, you want to pop-up of the box.

The box can be folded flat and sent in an envelope. 


Glue the tab on the right side of the template, and stick it to the opposite left side of the template. This will form a box.
You will end up with a box like this. Cut the supports, and fix them inside the box. The box is ready to be decorated.

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  1. Wow, så utrolig lekker boks! Gratulerer med publikasjonen ;) Ha en riktig fin helg!


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