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Creative Blog Hop

I was invited to a Creative Blog Hop by MaryannThis hop is about sharing a bit about oneself, and to show you some inspiring blogs. Maryann invited me to join a week ago, and wrote a bit about me in her blog.

Maryann has been one of those who has visited my blog for a long time, and always leave comments, which I really appreciate. She is a devoted crafter, who makes cards, parchment cards, sewing and creating baskets, boxes and other paper crafts.

So - What am I working on at the moment?

I am currently a designer for: HobbykunstStampARTicScandinavia paper fun and Nicecrane design (Guest designer): 

At the moment, I am preparing a few craft classes for a craft gathering in Kjøpsvik (Nordland), Larvik (Vestfold) and for Hobbykunst (Akershus).

This is a Graphic 45 canvas I created in June. This was a DT task for Hobbykunst with brand new G-45 papers in the shop. I will give classes in this soon.

Here is a Mixed Media canvas, which I will be giving classes in in Kjøpsvik at the end of the month, and class materials has just been packed.

This Pop up album, is another class I will be giving in Kjøpsvik. I am currently working on the course material for this class.

Three years ago, I made a vintage car. I have had a lot of questions about creating a silhouette file for this vintage cars. I have been busy redesigning a silhouette file from the old template, and have offered it (copyright terms) to those who sent me a message. This has taken off a bit - and I am looking forward to see a lot of paper cars soon :)

I also took a class with Andy Skinner a few weeks ago, and have started a project using some of his mixed media/Decoart techniques.

I am also currently working on a few DT projects and preparing for StempelScrapmessen, where I will be helping Hobbykunst on their stand with a few demos. Well - not telling more about this yet.

What do I make, and what is my style?
I love crafting. I am trying to create my own style, often on the borderline between Steampunk/Mixed Media and vintage. However, I do like to try new styles and different craft products. I often use a 3D element in my work and a lot of details. 

This was a canvas I made for Hobbykunst. Everyone in the Design team made a layout, that was would describe yourself. This canvas is on display at Hobbykunst.

Graphic 45 box with cards. This was made with The Botanical Tea Collection from Graphic 45.

This is a pop-up plane card I made for the initial round of The European Scrap Battle last year. It was also my design team application for online craft magazine StampARTic. The plane is my own design (template in the blog).

This is also I card I made for The European Scrap Batlle. It is a sliceform birdcage card. It is made from a mixture of Magnolia and Graphic- 45 papers. The birdcage is my own design (template in the blog)

Christmas glitter houses. This was my semifinal contribution in alter for The European Scrap Battle. 

Alice in Wonderland clock. This was made as a task for Hobbykunst. I was asked to alter an MDF vase, and I altered it to become a working clock, The clock is inspired by Graphic - 45's Alice in Wonderland. This clock is on display at Hobbykunst.

This was a Mixed Media, made for Hobbykunst. It is currently on display in the shop.

On the Wild side. This was my first layout created for Hobbykunst. This is currently on display in the shop.

This is a handmade dressform with a Steampunk dress, I made a while ago. The dress is sewn from coffee filters.

Why do I create what I do?
Creating is a lifestyle for me, and I have been doing this since I was little. I try to get some time for crafting each day. I also love to be able to teach and inspire others.

How does my creative process work?  
I often start with a main idea. This could be the shape, the colour or just an idea of what type of art to make or what to decorate. Sometimes I have some guidelines, for instance a DT task, a demo or something for s specific art class. Other times, I might want to make something for a challenge or a competition - and would then have some guidelines for the work. I use a lot of time to develop the idea. I am not really a CAS girl, and my crafts could take a lot of time to finish..

I get a inspiration from a lot of places. I could be going to an antique shop, on holidays, going through blogs (Pinterest), looking at papers, with paper crafting friends or just going to a craft shop. I have also done some classes to learn about new products and styles, and this is always inspiring.

I would also like to introduce 3 friends, and their blogs. These are 3 people who I find inspiring.

This is a really creative friend, and always inspire me a lot. She is a super 3D artist, who really, really loves creating with papers from Graphic 45 (and Prima flowers). Her art is always very detailed. She was picked as one of 30 to to be on the last round of Graphic 45 Design team pick this year - and the only one from Norway. 

Laurie is a super 3D and Mixed Media designer from  the US. Her art is always very detailed. I have been following here for a while, and she is always inspiring me a lot. 

Stina is an artist i got to know through The European Scrap Battle. We were against each other in the semifinals in alter. After this, we have kept in touch, She is also doing an online craft magazine, and organize craft gatherings, like me..She is a great paper artist, with lots of details, and always very inspiring.

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  1. Det du lager er bare helt fantastisk, du er også en som man blir inspirert av.

  2. It has just been so awesome to look at all these new and older creations here again Kirsten. I´ve always been blown away with your fantastic work, and all these amazing projects here are soooooooooooooooo amazing and beautiful. I simply can´t pick one project for another, as they´re all sooo gorgeous, and I wish I had the ability to create something like this myself too, but I´m not that clever, I´m afraid, so I have to rely on all your amazing tutorials and templates you always sooo kindly share with all of us, and I really hope, that you´ll make a tutorial for that Pop-up album some time too, as that is definitely a project I would love to try. It´s sooo beautiful and sooo fun with all these details. No wonder, you´re a much used teacher at all these places, as you are such a talented lady. Wish I lived closer, so I could join some of your clases too, but unfortunately it´s a bit too far from here, but who knows, maybe some day LOL.
    Thanks soo much for sharing sooo much of your creativity here with us, it´s been such a pleasure to read and learn more about you here.
    Have a wonderful week ahead now and lots of great fun too.

  3. Thank you so much for included me in this blog and saying I inspire you because I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. What you do and what you make are truly amazing pieces of art. Thank you also for friendship.

  4. Du hendelse kor mykje flott du har kreert!! :)
    Det pop-up albumet va skikkeleg flott.


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