fredag 11. mars 2016

The gentleman’s travel desk

One of the collections this month is the Story Book collection. This collection inspired me to create a gentleman's travel desk.. This is one of the items I am showing with this month's papers in my monthly blogpost for Kaisercraft.

The travel desk has been made from scratch, and has been built out of card board. It is decorated with paper from Kaisercraft's Story Book Collection.

This little travel desk folds together to a 30cm x 15cm x 15cm box. The box locks together with strong magnets.

The box looks like a set of draws on the back.

The box opens and the draw can be pulled out to create the desk.

The collection had papers with books, old pens, letters and a frame, which can be fussy cut and can be added to your creations.

There is a small door in one of the shelf, that can be opened, to reveal the room inside.

The desk from the back when it is opened.

In one of the shelves, I have created a small draw, with a few bits and bobs and a small frame.

Inside the draw, I have added a paper with pattern from an old typewriter.

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4 kommentarer:

  1. Du Kirsten, du Kirsten -DU lagar dei tøffaste kreasjonar :D
    Den e veldig fin óg, og minner meg om desken som pappa'n min absolutt måtte ha til kontorsakene sine ♥
    So det er altså frå eit ark dei bøkene oppe til venstre?

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