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Captured dreams

It is the time for the final round for Kaisercraft's design team for next year, 2016 - 2017. I have really enjoyed being on the design team this year, and would love to get another chance. 

I have tried to capture my dreams in this final, and created a vintage camera (Rollei flex) with a mini album inside.

Basic Kaisercraft materials

All the finalist got the same kit to work with. Boho dreams collection with papers, collectables and stamps, together with cork cardstock, Kaisermists, stencils and flowers. 

Kaisercraft products: Boho dreams collection: P2106 Dreamcatcher | P2107 Feathers | P2108 Young | P2109 Wild | P2110 Free | P2111 Wanderer | P2112 Daydreamer | P2113 Bohemian | P2114 Adventurer | SS315 Sticker Sheet | CS266 Clear Stamps | CT856 Collectables | CB152 Cork Sheets | CD650 Cardstock Smooth White | CD651 Cardstock Kraft | GC101 Midnight glitter cardstock | GC111 Frost Glitter cardstock | GC107 Golden glitter cardstock | KM111 Kaiser Mist White | KM107 Kaiser Mist Peach | KM106 Kaiser Mist Dream | KM101  Kaiser Mist Charcoal |  IP729 Ink Pad Tangello | IP719 Ink Pad Black | EF 229 Embossing Folder Postmarks | EF237 Embossing Folder 4x6 Butterfly flourish |DD369 Decorative Die Oval Vintage Frame | DD547 Decorative Die Circle Vines |  DD748 Decorative Die Summer words | DD129 Decorative Die Words The little things | DD706 Decorative Die Cogs | F667 Mini paper Blooms Coral | CS257 Background Script clear stamps | CS152 Texture Diamonds Clear Stamps | LDB 1053 Wooden shapes Butterfly | LDB1055 Wooden shapes Flowers | FL575 Flourish pack Wedding | T628 12x12 Template Floral quarters | TG23 Template Christmas Quarters | IT912 Feathers (will be published in June) | ST928 Clear Stickers Life | TM812 Kaisercraft Treasures Drawer knobs Brass (lock on the album).

Why this project?

To find inspiration for my projects, I start with looking at the papers, colours, patterns and shapes. The Boho dream collection is full of dream catchers, feathers, bicycles and vintage cameras. 

I really enjoy creating of the page items, together with mixed media, cards and layouts. I wanted to combine the four in one project. I created a vintage camera with a mini album inside.  The mini album is describing me a bit as a crafter, as I enjoy creating a lot of mini albums from scratch. The camera is also quite personal, as my dad was a photographer, and he gave me a camera when I was six years old, and tough me a lot about photographing as a grew up.

Vintage camera

The vintage camera has been built from scratch. I used photos of Rollei flex cameras as a model for the camera. 

The lenses for the camera is created with acetate sheets. The hinge at and the knob at the side turns around.

The camera opens at the top and reveals the minialbum

Building the camera.

The camera was built in cardboard. It is built as a square box, opening in the lid and lenses at the front.

 The box was measured to fit the minialbum. The pieces was cut out of cardboard. The lid and the box was glued together using strong tape.  Then I added the lid to the box, using the tape as a hinge, at the front of the camerabox (bottom left photo). I added the tape to the inside and outside of the box, to make it stable. I added some strips of cardboard on the inside of the top of the camera (picture in the bottom middle) to make the lid stable, when it is closed. This was my main box for the camera. Then I covered the cardboard camera with black cardstock, and created panels out of the paper P2106 Dreamcatcher, and added golden sheets under the panels to create the golden edges. 


The minialbum has been created from scratch out of cardbard and cardstock.

Creating the minialbum:

The cover pages were cut out of card board. I generally make the cover 1/2cm larger than the album pages on the top, bottom and the side (not at the back, as the pages are mounted close to the back of the cover). If I add extra tags, I might make the cover even larger.

I have also added two extra sides on the right in the photo, because I wanted the album to fold around itself and lock at the front. I have added the measurements on my cover. (My pages are 10cm high and 14,5cm wide).

I glued the pages together with strong tape, making sure there is 1/2cm in between the card board sides. By doing this, there will be space for the cover to bend and open.

Then I covered the front of the album with patterned paper, as you would cover a school book with paper or plastic, to protect it.

Making sure that the bike pattern on the front is kept as I would like it be.

Then I added paper on the back of the mini album. I chose to have a leather look at the back of the book.

Then I added patterned paper to the inside of the back of the album. 
I also scored the paper that is going to bind the book (bottom of the photo). I call this binder from now on (just to make it easier to follow). This piece has to be as tall as your pages in your mini album. My album pages are 10cm tall, so this was the height of my paper. Score the strip, according to how many pages you want in your album. I have got 5 pages in my album (and flaps and tags). I started to score after 3 cm, then i scored after 1cm, and 1cm again and again (I scored a total of 16 times after 1 cm), and then cut the strip after another 3cm, after the last score. The 3cm on each side will be for used for support to fix the binding to the cover.

Then I used tape on two and two of the flips that are going to bind the pages in the album together. Make sure that there is 1cm strip in between every glued flip. This will give you room to decorate the pages, (To make this easy, count from the side - do not glue the 3cm strip - count one 1cm strip. Add tape to the second strip, Count two 1cm strips and add tape to the 5th 1cm strip. Count two, and add tape to the 8th 1cm strip and so on)

Then I glued the binder of the album, down to the back of the cover (on the inside of the cover). Make sure that the binder is straight in the middle of the back. The 3cm sides are also glued down to the cover.

Then I added patterned paper the inside of the cover. The paper covers the 3 cm edges of the binder. 

Then I cut the pages. I use double pages for strength, and to make it easier to fix them to the binder. 

This is one of the pages with space for a tag.

I fix the pages to the binder, by gluing each side of the double page on the outside of the little flip in the binder. Then I glue the pages together. Leaving an opening where I want to add a tag.

Then I added the rest of the pages to the album.

The album is ready to be decorated.

How I decorated my mini album

I tried to use all the papers in the collection in this mini album. I wanted to use mixed media, feature tags, layouts and pop ups. The album has five pages, and lots of flaps and two tags.

The cover is gently decorated at the front with an acetate sticker (ST928 Life).The inkpads and the mists have been used throughout the album. 

The first page is gently decorated with some background stamps, a bit of Kaisercraft's new black glitter cardstock and a notise that has been cut out from one of the papers.

The first page is a pop up page. I have used gesso and Kaisermists on the background. I have added pieces from the colletables, die cuts from the paper and wooden embellishments from Kaisercraft.

I really enjoy creating pop ups. This is a simple and basic version.

On these pages, I have used cardstock and an embossing folder. The embossing shows better in the film at the bottom of the post. "The little things" text, is a die from Kaisercraft. The text is created with Kaisercrafts glitter card stock.

This page has been created using Kaisercrafts cork board, background text stamp, Kaisermists, wooden embellishments, Kaisercraft's stencil and the dreamcatchers from the Collectables.

I cut the cork to size, stamped with the background stamp, and added mists as drops.

I added gesso over the stencil and added finer mist using a "craft toothbrush". Then I dismantled the feathers from the dream catchers and added them, together with some of the texts from the collection.

I have added some tags in between some of the pages.

The text, dreamer, has been cut with a Silhouette.

On the middle page, I have added some mixed media. Using mists, adding some Kaiser blooms, wooden embellishments and beads.

The ground is made of pieces of cork board. The Adventure awaits and the flowers are from the collectables.

The first page here, is made with cork board.

I have also used one of Kaisercraft's new dies, DD369 Decorative Die Oval Vintage Frame. I have added a piece of stamped cork inside the oval.

This is a mixed media page, created on Kaisercraft's Kraft carstock. I have used the new feather template, using mists and texture pastes. The gear is a die from Kaisercraft (DD706). I have used stamps on the background and created arrows with Kaisercrafts black glitter cardstock. The photo is of me, looking out over the ocean by the amazing Rocks at Kangeroo Island.

On this page, I have used white embossed cardstock. I have added a tag in between the pages. The dreamcatcher on the tag, is from the Boho dreams sticker sheet.

This photo was taken in January, in front of the Hollywood sign.

The text is a die from Kaisercraft, made from black glitter cardstock. 

This is a mixed media page. I have used mists and background stamps on the background. Then I added paper in layers, and the circle diecut. The letter "summer" are made with glitter cardstock and cork as a shadow. I have also used wooden embellishments, coloured with Kaiserink.

The last page is simply decorated with gesso, cork banners and a text. This page has a tag, that can be opened into a pop up page.

On this last page, I created a Volkswagen buss. The papers inspired me to create the bus, as the colours and patterns reminded me about the 60's.

Film of the album and the vintage camera box

Slide show of the album and the vintage camera box

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Absolutely stunning! ! If this doesn't knock socks off then nothing will - Aaahmazing! Goodluck lovely xx

  2. WoW, så fantastisk Kirsten :-)
    Jeg krysser virkelig fingerne for deg :-)

    Klem Gro

  3. Incredible Kirsten, you are so very talented!

  4. Amazing!!!!!!!! You are one talented lady!!!! So inspiring. Good luck xx

  5. Utrolig kreativt, Kirsten!
    Krysser fingre og tær for deg


  6. Utrolig kreativt, Kirsten!
    Krysser fingre og tær for deg


  7. Good luck these are stunning!!!

  8. Gorgeous projects good luck hugs Sandra xx

  9. Gorgeous projects good luck hugs Sandra xx

  10. WAUW WAUW WAUW you´ve just done it again Kirsten, and outdone yourself here making this amazing project. It is so gorgeous and genius made and I´m drooling all over here, just by looking at it. Truly amazing and sooooooooooo gorgeous in any possible way. If they don´t keep you, they´re not thinking like everybody else, that´s for sure.

  11. This is absolutely amazing, fantastic creating.. I hope you get back on....

  12. Lovely! I admired how talented you are. Love the pop up, too.

  13. fabulous and stunning, fingers crossed for you XX

  14. Truly amazing....need to try this. Love it <3

  15. so nice, everything, but I really loved the mini-album. Made one myself, for my mum.


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