fredag 15. juli 2016

A recipe book

The Bon Appetit collection was a subtle hints for me, as well as the fact that my personal recipe book, that I created 7 years ago, has just fallen apart after heavy use. So - surprise - I created a recipe book. I wanted to keep the recipe book relatively simple, as this is going to be used a lot. I also wanted to use plastic pages for the recipes, to protect the pages as I am baking.

At the back of the recipe book, I have added a little shopping list book. This as been created with a bind it all. The album has a pocket at the back, where the little book slots in. 

Kaisercraft Products: Bon Apetitt: P2115 Bake | P2116 Prep | P2118 Kneed | P2119 Fresh | P2120 Coal | P2101 Flored | P2122 Recipe | SS316  Sticker sheet | PP1000 Paper Pad | CS267 Clear stamps | CT859 Collectables | FL557 Flourish Pack Cooking |  IP 719 Small Ink Pad Black | IP728 Small Ink Pad Saffron | IP734 Small Ink Pad Cherry | IP733 Small Ink Pad Vine.'

Other: Cardboard, album rings, plastic cover pages 6x6 inch.

1 kommentar:

  1. Вот это красота!!! Настоящий шедевр!!! Очень, очень здорово, изыскано и замечательно! Всегда любуюсь Вашими творениями и изумляюсь, какие у Вас "золотые руки"!


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