mandag 29. august 2016

Craft studio tour

Today, the design team are showing our craft studio's in Kaisercraft's blog.  I have never really shown my studio before, except one wall with my Kaisercraft storage. So this is were I create.

The room is a bright and light room, with three windows along one wall. I live almost in the forest, so we have a lot of wildlife in the garden outside the windows.

This photo was taken last winter, from my craft studio. This is deer family, who frequently visits us.

I have mounted cupboards from IKEA on the walls. The studio also has a large table, that can be expanded.  

All my Kaisercraft designteam dies, stencils and embellishments are mounted on the wall easy access. I use these all the time, so it is important for me to have them easy accessible.

The cubbords are filled with different things, and I only showing some of them here. Here I have got beads, buttons and embellishments, sorted after type, size and colour.

I also use a lot of mists, paint, embossing powder and glitter. 

I use a lot of rust pastes and mediums, and love the colour and texture they give

Some acrylic paints and glue, I get in larger quantities. 

I use a lot of Kaisermists and 13art's mists. I choose to have these on the bench and not in the cupboard for practical reasons.

I have tried to use all the storage spaces I can in the studio. Here is a few of the art pieces I have got from friends - a mixed media coffin from Aida Domisiewicz (13arts),  A card an a fantastic minialbum by Anne Elisabeth Rostad and a mixed media tin from Laurie Moore

I have also got a few book shelves in my studio, together with home made shelves for paper and cardstock.

This is a chest of drawers from IKEA, storing wooden chipboard and bling....

Zutter wires and the most used punches.

Older Kaisercraft collections with papers, stamps and collectables are stored, but frequently used.

Silhouette, Bigshot and Zutter, stored where they are used. 

Storage of dies for the Big shot, foil sheets, knives for the Silhouette and vinyl. I don't have a large storage of vinyl, since I don't use it so much. 

On one wall, I have got PAX wardrobes from IKEA. These are filled with drawers and craft materials. I am only showing a few drawers here.

Lace storage.

Quilt material storage. The materials are sorted after colour.

Mixed media bits and bobs. This is metal gears, parts from old computers, typewriters and sewing machines.

I also have some of my art on display in the studio.


Different 3D art and albums.

Craft studio tour:

Happy crafting :) 

6 kommentarer:

  1. WOW! For et rom!! Hærlig oppbevaringsplass.. Lyst og trivelig.. OG FOR EN ORDEN!!!.. Jeg er så imponert!

  2. Så koselig å få se det flotte rommet ditt og alle hobbysakene dine ! Takk for at vi fikk en fin omvisning hos deg ,klem

  3. Takk for titten. Kjempe flott rom du har. Må bare få ut fingern og få tingan på plass på eet nye rommet mitt. :) klem Ma

  4. Takk for titten. Kjempe flott rom du har. Må bare få ut fingern og få tingan på plass på eet nye rommet mitt. :) klem Ma

  5. WAUW sikken et lækkert scraprum du har her Kirsten. Og sikken en orden du har i alt derinde også. Alt er sååå fint sorteret og overskueligt, men selvfølgelig er det det med din sans for detaljer, er det jo helt selvfølgelig perfekt som alt det du laver. Tusind tak fordi vi måtte kikke med, det var virkelig en fornøjelse at se.

  6. Oioioi. For er drømmerom. Og flott orden.


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