søndag 2. oktober 2016

A mixed media Christmas Star

It is Christmas soon. In two months, the Christmas stars are popping up in Norwegian windows. Here, I have created a small and different Christmas star, with gold leafs, rust paint and acrylic paint. 

There is a lot of fantastic things created by other artists online. You don't always find out everything yourself, if you look around. The idea for this star, is something I found on a facebook page, decopagecraft.com, where a similar technique were used to create some Christmas ornaments.

Creating the Christmas star

Paint the inside of the acrylic star with mediun or decopage glue. Add gold leaf and let it dry.

Paint over the leaf gold, on the inside of the star. Use rustpaint in places and paint with brown acrylic paint. Let i dry. 

Paint with black acrylic paint over the brown paint, inside the star, and let it dry.

The star has then been decorated with a painted pearl string around the edge. The decoration in the middle of the star is metal and clay, painted black, and drypainted with chalk paint. 

Materials used: 

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  1. Utrolig kul stjerne. Ja, vi finner inspirasjon over alt hvor vi ser/er. Noe jeg syntes er utrolig flott med denne hobbyen :) Mange kreative mennesker i alle sjangere. Ønsker deg en fin kveld. Klem


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