tirsdag 4. oktober 2016

Concrete, rust and moss paste.

Hobbykunst has got new concrete paste in the shop. It fantastic to work with, together with the moss and rust paints from Folk Art. Here, I have tested a combination of all these products. 

The frame is from a flee market. It was old and the paint peeled off it. I liked the pattern on it, and painted it with the concrete paste. I used the sponges that came with the paste, to paint the frame. Rince the sponge under cold water after use, and you can reuse it. 

The canvas used here, is 10x10cm. The canvas has been covered with the concrete paste. I have used the moss paint different places around the canvas for effect. The moss paint has been added with sponge.

The heart has been cut out from black cardboard. It has been painted with rust paint. First the dark brown paste, and then the light paste here and there. The paint has been added with a sponge. 

Materials used:

El Greco: Artist Canvas - Lerret 10x10cm Liquitex: Super Heavy Matte Kreativ Betong Paste FolkArt Faux Paint Kit - Moss 
FolkArt Faux Paint Kit - Rust 

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