søndag 20. november 2016

Mixed media - the process from old bits and bobs to a picture

Today, I have written an article about mixed media for the magazine "The Papercrafting". The article is in Norwegian and you can find it here.

I am also showing the project here in the blog, however, I have not translated the article.

The picture is 23cm x 50cm. The photo is taken at Torstranda in Larvik.

Materials used: 

This mixed media picture, is made from an old IKEA fram, Finnabair papers and left over bits and bobs together with flowers from Prima and Hobbykunst. Paints and mists are from Kaisercraft and Finnabair.

The bits and bobs has been spraypainted black, and then spraypainted white, making sure some og the black can bee seen in the valleys of the bits and bobs. Then I have started creating the picture.

Video tutorial:

The finished picture:

I have used the colours of the photo as a base for choosing the colours in the picture, orange, yellow and pink. I have used the black colours as a contrast.

The bits and bobs has been dry painted with a different colours. 

You can just about see the stencil and stamp effects, created on the background.

The frame was spray painted black, to create some contrast to the picture. I mounted a piece of MDF at the back of the frame, to give the mixed media picture some stability. Gluing metal and bits and bobs to paper, makes it quite heavy. Therefore, you got to make sure the paper has more support. The paper has been stuck to the MDF with acrylic medium, cover the back of the paper.

The finished picture on the wall.

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