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A vintage lamp with template and tutorial

This is a lamp I made for the magazine "Ett trykk" in October. The papers are from Panduro's Christmas collection last year.

The lamp is made with a lid/hat and with room for a led light inside.

The lamp has been decorated with handmade flowers, feathers and a bird.


Templates and Copyright - Please read.

This is my own template. The inspiration is from looking at a vintage metal lamp. You are free to use my templates, and publish your own craft. However, it would be nice if you link back to me. Please do not sell or publish my templates, as they are or edited! My templates are copyrighted by law.

Dette er min egen mal. Inspirasjonen er hentet fra å se påen gammel metall lykt. Du kan fritt bruke malen til å lage dine egne arbeider. Du kan også fritt publisere ditt eget arbeide. Jeg ville imidlertid satt pris på om du linket tilbake til meg. Du har ikke lov til å publisere eller selge mine maler, som de er eller redigert. Mine maler har copyright under  Åndsverksloven.




Print out the template in the right sice, and cut out the pieces in patterned paper. 

The panels in this lamp, has been decorated. I made a doilies with a Marianne dies. I made a die cut on both sides of the paper.  I added vellum in front of the paper.  

Make six panels for the lamp. Fold the flaps and the folded lines on the panels

Bend the panels carefully, and glue the flaps. Glue the flaps onto the next panel. This part is a bit tricky.  Add some glue to under the small hexagon. Glue the flaps on the underside of the panels to the hexagon.

All the panels are glued in place. The lamp has got the round shape. Fold in the flaps in the top of the lamp.  Glue on the inside of the flaps in the top, and fold them inside the lamp. 

The lamp part is finished.

Find the legs. You are supposed to have four parts. Fold inn all the flaps. Glue all the flaps and the triangle under the foot that is closest to the flaps. The other triangle is not supposed to be glued. Glue the feet’s together. The triangle with glue is folded under the triangle without glue, and glued together. 

The feet’s are finished. Cover the large hexagon in cardboard with patterned paper on both sides.  

Glue the large hexagon to the top of the legs. 

Glue the lamp parts to the legs.

Cut out all the pieces for the roof. You need 6 parts. Fold inn all the folds and glue the long flaps (on the outside of the flaps). Do not glue the shorter flaps. Glue the flaps together with the roof panel next to it. 

 The roof has been glued

Put a large hexagon on the inside of the flaps of the roof, and glue the flaps to the hexagon. 

Glue a large cardboard hexagon on top of the other hexagon, to create some stability to the roof. Glue patterned paper on the top of the hexagon to cover it. The patterned paper will show in the middle of the inside of the roof.

Then, glue the hexagon with the hole onto the roof. The roof will now look like the picture above. The taps on the inside of the roof is used as support for the long paper strip. This that will make the roof sit firmly on the lamp.

The lamp and the roof is finished.

It’s time to decorate. Electrical tea lights give an orange light. This is why I used a LED light. Do not use a burning light in this lamp - it will burn the lamp!

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  1. Hvor er den bare kanon flot lavet Kirsten. Jeg så den allerede i bladet og blev vildt facineret af den. Du er bare helt fantastisk til at lave disse ting.
    You´re simply the best. LOL

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    what a georgeous lantern!!! I'm so happy about the template for this beautiful mini-lamp!!! THANK you so much!!!

    Hugs and greetings from Ostfriesland (Germany)

  3. Oh my this is gorgeous!! I love your attention to detail! The colors and patterns are beautiful and for you to share the template is truly wonderful. Thank you for creating this gorgeous project and for sharing your template.
    New fan.

  4. Nydelig! Elsker fuglene og så lekker form og nydelige dies. :)

    Klem, Anne.

  5. Oh my, another beautiful lantern! Thank you, thank you for the wonderful tutorial and template!! LOVE your blog!

  6. Thanks for this very beautiful and original project.

    Greetings from Brazil!


  7. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo stunning creation,,,,,, love it, love it love it,.

  8. Une merveille, merci pour le tuto.

  9. this is so awesome. thanks so sharing. very inspiring.


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