lørdag 18. oktober 2014

Simple Acrylic Christmas Ornaments, part 1

A few weeks ago, I helped Hobbykunst at the Stempelscrap craft fair. One of my tasks was to create some inspiration with the Acrylic ball ornaments. I have made rather complicated ornaments before, but this time, I wanted to create something that was easy to make. The idea came from another ornament I found online, somewhere, some time ago.

The acrylic ball is filled with red "Non Stop" / Smarties. I have used a black ribbon around the ball, and a soda can tab as the belt buckle. 

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  1. These are great Kirsten, and actually pretty cute too. And they´re just soo easy, that even the kids can be in on these too. I actually boughtsome of these in 3 different sizes and shapes too at the craftfair last month, that I thought would be great for the girls to make, and we have been talking of more ideas for them too, but never thought of this, but I´m sure, the girls will love this idea too, so better write it down ha ha ha.
    Have a wonderful sunday now.


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