søndag 19. oktober 2014

Simple Acrylic Christmas Ornaments, part 2

Here is the second little Christmas ornament made for Hobbykunst's stand for the craft fair, Stempelscrap. I got the task to create something simple out of this small cute acrylic heart ornament. This was made as an example as a super easy present, that a child also could make, perhaps with a little help. This is only 6 cm wide, so it is tiny.

First, I added blanc glue to the inside of one of the halfs of the heart. Then I added glitter, and set it to dry. I coloured over the glitter with a white Triton acrylic marker. The glitter could now be seen from the outside, back of the heart with a white background behind it. Then I mounted an acrylic sheet inside the heart. I glued the photo to the acrylic sheet in the heart, and mounted the two half hearts together.  

1 kommentar:

  1. Absolut gorgeous heart ehre too Kirsten. Another one in my stash here for the girls too he he, so thanks for all the great ideas.


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