søndag 10. januar 2016

News from CHA - day 1

It's the day. CHA 2016 is opening. We are ready.

The queues in front of the entrance are huge. 

The doors are opening.....

There are so many fantastic news this year. Some of the trends seems to be planners, creating items for parties (goodie bags, flags, banners etc) and home decor.

Couture Creations


 Heidi Swapp

Planners seems to be the trend. For more info on planners, contact Hobbykunst. They have got a super selection in Norway. There will also be inspirational blogposts on planners in Hobbykunst's blog the next half year.

Little darling rubber stamps

Little darling has got the most wonderful set of new stamps this year. There are also some brand new dies from Little darlig. These dies are just fantastic. We were lucky to get inspiration and ideas from the owner. They also had a fantastic set of cards at their stand. I am sure it is a good idea for me, that these stamps are not for sale for designers at CHA. I would have been very poor! 

My Minds Eye

Kaisercraft - Sneak Peeks

This year, I feel quite honored. I have one dress form with several layers of skirts over an underskirt, crinoline and bustle (1870s type dress), and 4 layouts featured in Kaisercraft's stand. More photos of the dress and the layouts will be shown later.

Video from CHA the first day:

Bloggers Networking Event

During the evening, there were a bloggers networking event. An event with lots of sponsors and lots of freebies. I do recommend this event to other bloggers.

Enjoy. More photos and film will be posted later :) 

9 kommentarer:

  1. Så härligt att du delar med dig av din upplevelse på CHA åt oss andra som bara önskar att vi vore där. Speciellt glad blev jag personligen för det fina fotot från FabScraps eftersom mina layouter syns där. Kan jag få lov att låna det fotot till min blogg?

  2. So fabulous to be able to see projects that you've created on display... my goal for next year!!
    Enjoy every minute!!

  3. Tusen takk for at du deler alle desse herlige opplevingane med oss :) Kos deg og NYT!
    Og skikkeleg stas at nokre av dine prosjekt e på utstilling óg :D

  4. Tusen takk for titten Kirsten. Kos deg masse:)klem

  5. Tusen takk for titten Kirsten. Kos deg masse:)klem

  6. Tusen takk for at du deler dine opplevelser med oss
    Ha et fortsatt flott og inspirerende opphold

  7. how wonderful that you were able to et to see your creations on display at the CHA, congratulations, I see that you went to Couture Creations stand too, and I saw my canvas with the "Sea Breeze collection" on floor when you filmed it. looking forward to seeing more of your trip :) have fun

  8. COOL video og skønne billeder her Kirsten. Såå dejligt at se lidt af det hele fra gulvhøjde, så man virkelig ser det samme som I ser derovre. Tusind tak fordi du gider lave og dele det her med os andre, som ikke kan være med derovre. Og så samtidig være så heldig at se sine egne creationer på display derovre må da bare være kanon fedt.

  9. Congrats on your projects! And, thanks for sharing pics/video with us!


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