torsdag 14. januar 2016

Prima - watercolouring and demo Keren Tamir at CHA

Prima was showing a lot of their watercolours at CHA. They have got colours, pencils and water brushes. Here are some of the photos from the Prima stand:

Also, Prima is now selling some of the dies, that used to be completely sold out.

Prima had also got a nice collection of stamps, and some of the Jamie Dougherty stamps was on show:

One of the great things about CHA, is all the people you meet. 

Keren Tamir, is one of those people, I was lucky to meet.

Colouring demo with water colours by Keren Tamir at CHA

Filmed and published with permission.


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  1. It was so lovely to meet you too. I have a post going on the 16th showcasing all the photos and your video. I linked your name to your blog.


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