tirsdag 12. januar 2016

Finnabair, new products and demo at CHA

Finnabair has got some new products. They are brilliant in use. I love the fact, that they can all be combined in different ways, to create your own pastes and mediums.

I love the fact that Finnabair is so nice to do demos, and sharing how she is using the products. It makes it easier for us to learn.

It is fantastic to see the sets with different powders and paints, and I can see that this is something I will have to get hold of from my craft store. 

Finnabair's fantastic designteam, and Finnabair herself, has created some gorgeous pieces for the CHA display. I like the fact that all the items could be found in between all the products. Everytime, I looked back at the display, I found something new.

There were several dresses on dressforms at CHA. I really liked this one.

This clock, was a class Finnabair had at the ART Venture, before CHA opened. 

Demo of Finnabair using her new products:

The video is recorded and published with permission from Finnabair.


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