mandag 27. mars 2017

Mixed media Easter egg

It it soon Easter, and the Easter egg production has started for a lot of crafters. This is my first mixed meda Easter egg this year, and it's done for The papercrafting.

This Easter egg has been created with left over materials, like flowers, metal, a zip and beads. I have also used Prima's molds and filed them with hot glue. After the glue dried, it was added to the egg and painted.


How to create projects like this?

Start with finding what you would like to alter. You can find a lot of old things at home, at a flea marked or in different shops. This Easter egg was bought a few years ago (for 1NOK/ 10 pence (GBP)/ 0,1 USD)

For projects like this, you can use old flowers in strange colours, old lace, metal pieces, pearls and molded glue pieces. You can also use pieces from old type writers, computers and sewing machines. Here, you can save a lot of money. Use a good glue. I like to use Liquitex heavy gel. Don't save money on glue, get a good kind of glue. Leave the glue to dry overnight, before you paint. 

At the end, spray paint the project. Let this dry, and then dry paint the project. Use a good paint brush. A good result depends on a good paint brush, and very little paint on the paintbrush at the time. Using the right technique is important.


I have also used Prima's Prima - Wild & Free collection - Let's Be Adventurers on the side of the egg.

The text on the side is from Prima's Let's Be Adventurers  paper.

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