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Scandinavian Scrapbooker og the year 2016

I have been nominated to the semifinal of "The Scandinavian papercrafter of the year - 2016" by the readers of online magazine "The Papercrafting". I am honored by this, and quite humble about getting votes. You can read more in Norwegian and vote in the Norwegian semifinal in The Papercrafting. If you want to read the text in English, please read below in this blogpost. You can vote here.


Jeg har blitt nominert til årets skandinaviske scrapper, gjennom magasinet The Papercrafting. Jeg er utrolig ydmyk over å ha blitt stemt på og takker alle som har stemt. Presentasjonen av meg på norsk kan du lese i The Papercrafting. Det er tre andre utrolig dyktige og supre jenter som også er nominert til den norske semifinalen. Ta gjerne en titt innom deres blogger og les litt om dem før du eventuelt avlegger stemme. Stemmene følger IP adressen, og du kan kun stemme en gang med hver IP adresse. Du kan lese teksten på norsk og stemme i The Papercrafting.

Featured online:

Kaisercraft (Design team 2015-2017):
LDRS creative (Design team 2017 -  current):
Hobbykunst (DT, teamleader and responsible for the blog):
Guest writer for The Papercrafting:
Guest writer for Ett Trykk (A collection of folding tutorials in all the magazines for 2017)

Who am I?
i am 42 years old. I live in Ski, a small town on the outskirts of the capital, Oslo. I am a trained science teacher and special eds teacher. I love my job, giving classes, and make sure that youngsters enjoy learning and learn good ethics and good values. I have been a scout leader for many years, both in KFUK and NSF. I have also worked with leader training and had several positions in the Norwegan Scout organisation - "Norges speiderforbund - NSF".

I have always been creative. As a kid, I used to sew and knit my own clothes. I also built 3D models from tape and card board. For me, scrapbooking is not a hobby, it's art and a way of life. I am designing for for two manufacturers, Kaisercraft from Australia and LDRS creative from America. I am also team leader for Hobbykunst's designers. I am also responsible for Hobbykunst's blog. I am currently a guest writer for the magazines Ett Trykk and The Papercrafting. I have been an arts teacher for several years. I have also given several classes in paper folding, cardmaking, layouts, mixed media and using the Silhouette machine and the Silhouette Studio program. I also create templates and tutorials, published in this blog and on my you-tube channel. I have arranged gatherings, and been responsible for the scrapbooking retreat "Golstreffet" in the middle of the mountains in Norway.

Three favourite projects:

Choosing three projects is difficult. There has been so many projects over the years. I have chosen three quite different and advanced projects to show here. As a designer, I also create simpler projects that others can copy.

Project 1: Prima Bella Rouge Dress

Orginal bloggpost: Prima Bella Rouge dress

I have created several paper dresses. Two of these has been shown at CHA in the US. One dress was shown last year for Kaisercraft and the other dress was shown this year for LDRS creative. This dress was designed for Prima's DT call, spring 2015. On this dress, everything has been made from scratch, the dress form, the dress itself and the flowers. The folds has been created around a crinoline (a type of underskirt). The dress has been created in the same way an ordinary dress of this kind. I have had many questions about creating a tutorial for this dress. This is difficult, as creating dress patterns for dresses like this is a part of the tailor education. You also need to know about working with paper as a medium. You can find a tutorial for the dress form, and process photos for creating the pattern for the dress, in the blog.

At the same time this year, I also applied for Kaisercraft's DT call. I was picked for Kaisercraft's design team the first time, just before the Prima DT was picked

Project 2: Prima canvas with sewing machine parts

Orginal blogpost: Large mixed media canvas

This mixed media canvas is 40cm x 70cm x 2cm. The canvas has been created with papers and flowers from Prima, together with lots of sewing machine parts. I hve also used different mediums, mists, and pigments. I love sewing, and the picture has been made for my own living room wall of things that matters to me. The image is of my little dog, that I lost last summer. The colours are chosen to pick up colours in the room. 

Project 3: Minialbum in a vintage camera box.

Orginal blogpost: Camera box with minialbum

This was created for the final round of Kaisercraft's design team call 2016/2017. Kaisercraft has the past few years had two rounds, to choose their design team. The first round is open, and everyone can apply. Top 25 are chosen from the first round, to enter the second round. For the second round, you are given a new collection to work with. This time, we got the Boho Dreams collection. The project was supposed to describe yourself, and the kind of work you like to do. We also had to create a tutorial for this project. 

I do like to create different things, and wanted to show that in the application. I like to create boxes from scratch. I also like to create boxes with different shapes, to challenge myself. The papercollection was inspired by the 60's with cameras and flower power, This is why I created a camera box for the mini album.  The mini album had been decorated in a mixe media style, with a pop up bus at the last page. Photo tutorial for the box and th album can be found in the blog.

My style
I design for manifacturers, for a shop and write for magazines. Therefore I have to deliver different styles and different kind of crafts. I do 3D papercrafting, layouts, oroject life, mixed media, cardmaking, planner, and alter. I do like to create advanced mixed media and 3D models, but I also create simple things that others can copy. I also colour with Promarker, Touch, Prismacolour, watercolour and distress ink. I enjoy new challenges, and like to learn new techniques

I build most of my things from scratch, this could be a decorated box or another 3D creation. My creations often have a hint of mixed media, and often like to add dimentions. I really like to add lots of details, and don't really feel comfortable with CAS creations. I often like to use and learn new techniques. I do like to work with "dry painting", rust and patina effects. I also like to figure out how things work, and how it can be created with paper. This could be creating a pop-up card, how to create a paper car with a rubber band engine, a working ferris wheelbinoculars that magnify, or how to create a a paper record player to work and create sound. I also enjoy to connect lights in projects.

Where do I get my inspiration from?
I get inspired by a lot of things and different people. This could be from an old watch, a vintage car, established artists or new crafters. Established artists inspire me, because they have a lot of experience with different mediums and techniques. New crafters inspire me, because they do things in a different and new way, compared to experienced artists. I have been an active scrapbooker for 12 years. During these years, I have seen a really good and sweet scrapbooking comunity here in Norway, and abroad. This has resulted in a lot of good friendships. A good crafting comunity also inpire me.

There are four semifinalists from Norway that you can vote for, and some really good friends and fantastic artists that deserve to win. Voting for one of the finalists would be really appriciated.
You can find the blogs for the other paper artists here:

with here fantastic paper dresses and 3D designs. She is also one of the few designers I know, that are extreamly diverce and can create advanced 3D creations, paper dresses, mixed media, cards, layouts and alter. 

with here fantastic chabby chic style and cake exlosion boxes. 

With here sweet altered vintage boxes and CAS cards.

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