torsdag 23. november 2017

A church in a bell jar

Hobbykunst has got some really sweet building sets with houses and churches. They have also got bell jars in different sizes. The largest bell jar is perfect for  little church. This church was created for the stand at Design by me in i september. Working as a designer, you often work on items a long time in advance. The church is simple to make, and cost about 150Nkr.

The church has been created with a wooden buildin set from Rayher.

The church has been glued together with Liquitex heavy gel and painted with Chalky paints. You can find several chalky paints in Hobbykunst's store. You can also find them as sprays. You can also use the sprays as paint. Just spray the paint onto a palette and paint as normal. 

I have also used a small ribbon from Rayher


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