mandag 27. november 2017

Christmas calendar published in Ett trykk

This Christmas calendar was published in the magazine Ett trykk in October.

The calendar is a set of hand made boxes, decorated with some of Kaisercraft's new and old Christmas collections.


Cut out the box according to the template. 

Score and fold along the dotted lines.

Glue the side tag, and glue the side to the side tag.

Fold one of the large bottom sides down. 

Glue the two short bottom parts to the long bottom part.

Fold and glue the last bottom part. 

Fold the top to close the box.

The box is finished and ready to be decorated.

My calendar boxes.

My boxes has been decorated with new and old Kaisercraft Christmas collections. The golden numbers are stickers from Kaisercraft.

Wishing you a good December.

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