søndag 26. november 2017

Christmas ornament

It's the end of November, and most of us have started preparing for Christmas. Christmas can be expensive for a lot of people. I have created a Christmas ornament for the magazine - The papercrafting, perfect for a little Christmas present or just for decorating your own home. 

The outside cotten ball has been created using PVA glue from Rayher and crochet thread and adding this around a balloon. There are lots of tutorials on this online. Here is the same idea, used to make a lamp shade. 

The pine cones has been hand made from Kraft cardstock. I have used scissors to cut the shapes, but you can also use dies. You can see the same basic way to create them in this video. 

The house inside, is my own design. It has been created in Silhouette studio, and cut out with a silhouette. The papers used are from one of Kaisercraft's new collections; Mint Wishes.

Wishing you a good Christmas preparation. 

2 kommentarer:

  1. Wow....this is just amazing:) So decorative and beautifully made! You're a wizard with paper, Kirsten:D

    Enjoy your Christmas preparations!

    Best regards,

    Line Salomonsen


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