onsdag 6. februar 2019

A pink shaker box with template

This is the second shaker box, created from the same template. The shaker is half of an acrylic 6 cm in diameter, ornament from Rayher. You can find a template for the shaker box at the end of the blogpost. T

The box has got panels created with Prima's Misty Rose collection, while the paper inside the dome and the butterfly has been created with papers from Prima's Moon Child collection. Inside the dome, I have added sequins. You can find a large selection of sequins in Hobbykunst's shop.

The box has been created from the template below. The lid is 0,4cm larger than the box. The panels are 0,5 cm less than the sides of the box.

The flowers has been created using stamps, dies and the embossing folder for the Heartfelt rose. 

Template for the box

The lid has two parts. First glue the top part. Add the dome from the under side of the lid. Add pearls or other shaker pieces- Add the motive to the top of the "support for the dome". Glue the support inside the lid. Now you can mount the rest of the box and decorate it. 

Another box with the same template:

You can find the other shaker box, created with the same template in this blog post

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