mandag 30. desember 2019

A Prima layout with old collections

After moving house, packing up my craft room and establishing a new one, I have found some of my really old craft stuff. I have really loved Prima for many years, so I do have a lot of old Pria collections. I have never really wanted to throw them away or give them away. So this was a chance to create something new with some old collections. This layout was created for an article for the magazine TPC, to give crafters inspiration to create new things with old collections and craft stash. 
The background paper is from Prima's Pastiche collection - Heartstrings, from2010.  Some of the other collections are from 2011.

The text - Never stop exploring is from a stencil from Rayher.  The yellow paste isa white thick paste from Rayher, colloured with yellow Colur Burst pigment.  The photo is one I took myself in New York-

The layout has become a new style layout with older collections. 

I hope this inspired you to find some of your older collections.

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