lørdag 28. desember 2019

Mixed media canvas with tutorial

Mixed media is a fun and creative way to use old  bits and bobs you have at home. This is an artile I wrote for the magazine TPC last summer. Here, I have use and old pair og scissors, metal bits and old trash. I have also shown a tutorial in potos and video.

First, I added embossed paper to and old piece of MDF. Then I glued paper die cuts, metal and the pair of scissors. I used Liquitex heavy gel as glue.

After the glue had dried, I put the piece in a cardboard box and spraypainted it black. 

For this project, I used black spraypaint from Biltema.

When the spraypaint had dried, I used a mix of pink and read paint and cobber was from Finnabair. Follow the video tutorial bellow to follow the painting process.



Good luck.

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