torsdag 15. oktober 2020

Mixed media canvas

 It`s some time since I have been doing craft just for fun, and to relax. Most of the time lately, I have done crafts because it has been a part of my design team work, publications or gifts that I had so sort out. Last week, I did a mixed media canvas, just to relax. I found some old trash, and a canvas and started mixing and matching to a sketch. 

The theme was "the sea" and i choose blue colours, as I just like to work with blues. I have used old parts from computers, glass circles, beads and wooden figures from some of my old stash. 

I spraypainted everything black, and then painted it in different colours of blue. I also added some golden Finnabair Wax and gesso. One fish was painted golden with glitter paint, and the text "Now is your time to shine", was added.

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