mandag 21. desember 2015

Christmas with Maja's Nyhavn

This year, I have been guest designer for the magazine, Ett trykk. My challenge for the October issue was to create an advent calendar. Being a magazine, the photos has to be delivered quite a long time before the magazine is out in the shops. This calendar was made in June. Nyhavn was one of the relatively new collections from Maja in June. I was inspired by the houses in Nyhavn and the houses on the papers, when I created this calendar.  Each house, with the base is 20cm x 11cm x 23 cm

In the beginning of December, the calendar will be full of small gifts. Very little light will shine through the windows, because the gifts will stop the light shining through. As Desember passes, and the gifts are opened, the light will shine though more, and more windows. This calendar is there just as nice before the gifts are opened, as afterwards. 

There is room for electric tea lights inside the calendar. There is also room for led lights inside the houses. 

The houses are stuck down to the base with magnets. The houses can therefore swap places or be turned around. 

There is a small Victorian conservatory at the end of one of the houses. I have added a small Christmas tree with led lights, inside the conservatory. 

All the windows and doors can be opened, to collect the advent gifts. All the windows and doors are hinged with handmade silver paper hinges.

There is room for larger advents gifts inside the roofs.

The roof on one of the houses, can be removed, and the advent gift can be retrieved from under the roof.

Materials: Bazzill, Maja design - Nyhavn. Base: Maja design – Nyhavn - King’s square. House: Maja design – Nyhavn - Sitting at the dock, Romantic lunch and A dockside in bloom. Roof: Maja design – Nyhavn - Veteran ships, King’s square. Small sledge: Maja design – Nyhavn - Sitting at the dock. Windows; White Bazzill and Vellum. Other: Handles for the roof: KaiserCraft - Metal Drawer Knob – Silver. Windows and doors: Poppystamps - Dies - Madison House. 

October issue of the magazine Ett trykk.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas

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