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Accordion album card with gift drawer - a tutorial

We are getting closer to Christmas and today, I am showing a little card with a small accordion album and little drawer with space for a little gift. This a super "last minute present", or it could be used as a mothers day card/present or a valentine present. The card has been made with the fantastic PS I Love You collection- I just love this collection. It has a fantastic set of patterns, quotes and it has a wonderful set of pink and gray colours. 

The card is only 11cm x 10cm x 2cm. The card has been decorated with wooden icons, flowers, quotes and collectables.

I have used a ribbon to "lock" the card. 

Inside the card, I have left space for a photo. 

The accordion album can be opened and is filled with quotes and space for photos.

The album. You can also see the drawer handle on the draw under the album.


Cut out the pieces as shown above. The top part is the cover of the card. The middle part is the drawer. The bottom part is the album. you need 7 of these little album pieces. Score as marked on the photo.

Fold the cover of the card.

Fold the box for the drawer (left) and the drawer (right).

Glue or use strong double sided tape and glue as marked above. 

Glue the two parts.

The drawer fits inside the drawer box.

Glue the drawer box inside on the back of the cover of the card. Center it at the back side. (If you would like to use a panel inside the card, fix the panel before you glue the box to the base).

The card should now look like the card on the top.

Collect all the accordion album pages. The pages should be scored and be left with a 1cm margin on each side. Glue on every other margin, as shown above.

Collect all the pieces and glue them together, on every other margin.

All the album pages collected together.

You have now created the accordian album.

Glue the accordion album the the box on the inside of the card.

You now have the finished card, and it is ready to be decorated.

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