fredag 2. desember 2016

Up in between the clouds, a Christmas ornament

A few weeks ago, I got a few Christmas ornaments from Hobbykunst. These are large, very large compared to a lot of my earlier ornaments. These are 14cm in diameter, and when you are used to work in a small scale, you can get a whole world inside this ornament. 

A few weeks ago, I created a new airplane for Kaisercraft. I created a few airplanes before, a few years ago, so this was nothing new for me. Since this ornament was so large (in my standards), I decided to put an airplane inside it. I looked at it, and though - I can get several airplanes inside, and some clouds. So I did. 

The airplanes are about two and a half centimeters long. I have used a Silhouette to cut them out. 

The rotor has gone round on all my other planes, although these ones were a bit small, so they are just stuck on.

The cloud are made from vellum.

All together, there are tree planes and clouds inside the ornament.

Materials used:

 Delbar kule - 14 cm, 2 deler klar plast  Maja Design: 6x6 paper pad - Home for the Holidays  Vellum papir A4 - White 100 g, pakke med 5 stk

Other planes:

(Same plane as in this Christmas ornament)

Template for the plane in the blog.

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  1. Jeg er imponert !


  2. I've just ordered a pack of acrylic baubles from Ebay and your blog is full of great ideas for filling them. Thank you.


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